Giuliana Brink

Giuliana Brink, Principal

Ms Brink (better known as Nina) is a native of Chesterfield County.

She attended the “old” Chester Middle School and is a graduate of Thomas Dale High School. She received her Bachelor’s of General Education grades 4 – 8 and Special Education grades K- 12 from Radford University. After completing a Master’s of Administration from Grand Canyon University, Ms Brink became the Assistant Principal at OB Gates in 2006. Ms Brink became Principal at the BEST school in Chesterfield County in 2010. 

Ms Brink is especially proud of our dual language immersion program. 

In 2019, Principal Brink proposed the idea of an ASL (American Sign Language) immersion class where all children would learn sign language, regardless of hearing status.  Our Mandarin Chinese immersion program was started at Gates in 2020. These programs, along with our Special Education programs and Center Based Gifted program makes our school “one of a kind” in Chesterfield County Public Schools.

Ms Brink has three children. Her twins graduated from college this Spring and her youngest daughter is starting her third year at Virginia Tech. In her spare time she enjoys spending time near the water, esp Lake Chesdin or Hatteras, NC. Ms Brink considers herself a lifelong learner. She is invested in ensuring that all students have equal opportunities to learn to their fullest potential. 

Richard Rowland

Richard Rowland, Assistant Principal

Hello Gates’ Stars!!!  I’m excited to be here at OB Gates and joining you on your educational journey.

Growing up in Durham, North Carolina, I always knew I wanted to be an educator.  I attended James Madison University where I earned my Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Political Science with a Minor in Early Childhood Education.

I taught K, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade for a number of years in both Nottoway and Chesterfield Counties.  After earning my Master’s Degree in Education (Administration and Supervision), I became a Dean of Students at Ettrick Elementary and have now been your OB Gates Assistant Principal for five years.

My wife, son, Jackson, and I currently live in Colonial Heights. I enjoy reading, mowing the lawn and going to our community pool. In my free time, I look for jokes to share with all of you on “Joke Thursday”. Here is one to start the year

Q: Why did the teacher have to wear sunglasses? A: Because her students were so bright.

Let’s make it a great year!