Three students acting silly on a climb wall.


There is something for everyone! Get involved!

Don’t underestimate the importance of having fun participating in school activities. Some of the best times and memories students have are the experiences of belonging to a club or participating in an after school activity. Clubs and activities are important to join just for the enjoyment that they will bring to most students, but they also allow the students to more easily make friends because the groups are small and they get to be themselves!

Clubs and activities provide students with many positive experiences that help them to become well-rounded individuals who are ready for college or the workplace. It helps students to become active in their school and to feel a connection the school and to others. It provides a sense of pride and school spirit and it is a positive influence on our youth today.

  • Grill and Chill– Teacher work week we host all family to a cookout on the blacktop and school, we grill and hang out and have fun together before the school year starts.

  • Daddy/ Daughter Dance– The Daddy/ Daughter dance usually occurs in Feb. Such a special time between Daughters and the special people in their lives. 

  • Battle of the Books– 5th graders join Battle of the Books to compete against each other and other schools to show knowledge of the books they read. 

  • Safety Patrols– 5th graders work hard at helping keep all of those safe in the hall and assisting the kids and students to classrooms. 

  • STEAMmania- K-5 meet after school to work in teams and then compete at the county level on STEAM activities 

  • Run Club- K-5 meet in the spring and begin running short distances in the morning before school. 

  • Book Fair – Three times a year the Library sponsors the Book Fair for kids and parents to come together and purchase books to read and share together. 

  • Family Night- Family nights vary on subject matter,  technology, math, literacy ETC….

  • Book and Breakfast- Mrs Flucke sets up a book and breakfast for all grade levels to participate 

  • Watchdogs- We have an amazing amount of Dads and Granddads that volunteer each day in our school. The help all teachers and are a hug influence in  our school culture 

  • Field Day- In June we show off all the things we learned in PE this year with Field Day 

  • Inclusion Winter Program- Everyone is a Sta! Our winter program that includes everyone and highlights the importance of inclusion. 

  • Mandarain Chinese class – K-5 Classes – Students attend Chinese Class every week as part of the resource plan.  They sing dance and speak to each other in Chinese.  

  • ASL Inclusion Class – Starting in K some kids are exposed to ASL as their second language with the K immersion class 

  • Kindergarten letterland wax museum– Once we learn our sounds we highlight the letters and what they make with our own living wax museum.